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Anemone Flower - Wick Diffuser

Anemone Flower - Wick Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser will allow you to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your home, it promotes a light and non-aggressive diffusion of oils.
Flower wick diffuser 18 CM X 6 CM.

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The Anemone flower wick diffuser is perfect for creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in your home. Thanks to its capillary diffusion technique. It gently spreads the fragrance of your favourite essential oilscreating a soothing soothing, relaxing atmosphere.. It allows cold diffusion of your essential oils, preserving all their virtues for an optimal, long-lasting effect. Its simplicity and ease of use make this diffuser the ideal accessory for your home. Simply pour your essential oils into the bottle and dip the wick to enjoy a constant, fragrant diffusion. The Anemone flower wick diffuser has an elegant design in the shape of a pretty flower that blends perfectly into any room in your home. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and enjoy the softness and freshness of essential oils with this Anemone wick diffuser.

To use Anemone Flower with a capillary diffuser, here are a few tips:

Pour a few drops of Anemone Flower essential oil into the container of the capillary diffuser.

Insert the plant fiber stems into the container, making sure they are well immersed in the essential oil.

The stems will absorb theessential oil and gradually diffuse it into the ambient air.

For more intense diffusion, turn the stems over regularly.

It is important to follow the specific instructions for the capillary diffuser you are using, and not to leave the diffuser unattended.

The main benefits of the Fleur Anémone wick diffuser:
- Thanks to its capillary diffusion technique, the Anemone Flower Wick Diffuser gently diffuses your essential oils, preserving all their virtues without harming them.
- The diffuser requires no special connection or maintenance: simply pour in the essential oilsinto the bottle and immerse the wick to enjoy constant diffusion.
- The light, constant diffusion of essential oils creates a peaceful, soothing atmosphere, ideal for relaxation.
- The Anemone flower wick diffuser is very practical and easy to use, so you can take it with you wherever you go to enjoy your essential oils.

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