Pourquoi choisir des produits Bio pour votre bébé ?

Why choose organic products for your baby?

Why choose organic products for your baby?

Are you looking for products to take care of your baby? With very fragile skin, it is important to choose products that are perfectly suited to babies. Adult products do not meet these criteria. This is why there are many lines of care dedicated to infants. In this product niche, you will find certified organic skincare ranges, which are particularly recommended for taking care of very sensitive baby skin. In this article you will find out why baby's skin is special, what care is appropriate and how to use it. Finally, you will see the commitments of organic products for your baby and how to take advantage of them while taking care of your newborn.

The benefits of organic products for babies 

Babies are born with very fragile skin. Her defenses are relatively weak because she is not used to living outside the mother's womb. This is why it is essential to be very careful and to use suitable products. There are many brands that offer baby-friendly products. Whether washing gels, moisturizing creams, cleansing milks, you will find many products suitable for baby skin from the Born to Bio brand, which specializes in organic products and has a range dedicated to babies. 

Baby's skin, very sensitive skin

The skin of babies is very special, it has no protection. Before the first year of a child's life, the skin is not able to protect itself from external aggressions such as the sun, dryness or bacteria. It is therefore important to treat it regularly, even daily, with suitable products, which will not attack it. The composition of organic care for babies meets many criteria, it is much more suitable than that of the classic products for babies that you will find in supermarkets.

A skin that often encounters small problems

If you have just had your first child, you will quickly discover that baby's skin is particularly thin and sensitive. It often happens that babies have small skin problems such as eczema or dermatitis. If this happens to you, do not panic, you are certainly not responsible. But to treat this fragile skin, it is best to first consult a pediatrician for your child and then to use organic products with natural ingredients.

Skin problems in infants are very common. If for the most part they are benign, it is still necessary to adapt the products used so that they disappear quickly. If a product does not suit your baby, do not hesitate to change it for another.

Organic products adapted to baby's skin

The main advantage of organic product lines for babies is in the composition of the products. Unlike conventional treatments, organic treatments are mainly composed of natural active ingredients. This is the case of the 2 in 1 washing gel from Born To Bio, which limits the number of its ingredients, to offer a gentle gel that respects your baby's skin. . You can use this gel safely, it does not contain perfume or essential oil. All organic baby care products are certified toxic-free and their composition is generally 95% natural.

Care whose composition is highly regulated

Organic baby care generally has one or more labels. These labels are the assurance of an essentially natural composition and manufacturing that meets many requirements. The Born To Bio brand, for example, has the Ecocert and Cosmebio labels. These labels imply that the brand's products meet precise specifications as well as the standards imposed for recycling and respect for the environment.

The different organic products offered for babies

There is a wide range of organic products for baby care. You can find organic Oleo Limestone Liniments, which allow you to easily clean your baby's bottom. Without attacking and perfectly cleansing the skin of this often very sensitive area. You can also accompany this liniment with a cleansing micellar water rather recommended for cleaning your baby's face and hands. To dry baby's skin, you can use organic cotton pads or opt for small cleansing wipes to be machine washed.

Choose organic for your baby

In addition to using organic care for your child, it is strongly recommended to offer him organic food from sustainable agriculture. Just like the skin, the baby's organism is very sensitive and still needs time to develop and reach maturity. By having an organic diet and organic care, you also protect your baby's body, which will not be attacked by products such as preservatives or added salts. In a few words, organic products are generally healthier for consumption and daily use.

Organic, more and more present in our daily lives

More and more organic products are on the market. If this trend started with food products to continue towards baby care, it continues to spread in our daily lives. Whether it is household linen, clothing, furniture or cleaning products, organic is becoming a new way of consuming. Not only are the products produced in a respectful manner, but the packaging is also recyclable or easily biodegradable. It is therefore the entire product that is created to meet the standards of organic labels. This makes it possible to make a real difference between a certified organic product and a classic product. Difference that has a real impact on the consumer market today.

An ecological and sustainable approach

Using organic products for your child, for yourself or your family, whether it is care or food, also means inscribing your lifestyle in an environmental and positive approach for the planet, which protects fair and responsible manufacturing. We can hope that by using organic products for our children we will transmit to them important values such as respect for the environment and responsible consumption from an early age. And that in turn, they will become aware of the importance of protecting the world around them.

Organic products for babies but also for adults!

Of course, organic products are not just for babies, they can also be used for older children, adults and the elderly. The treatments, cleansing gels, shampoos and organic soaps also correspond to different skin types, whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, you will find the right treatment. These products are also available in large quantities to be used by the whole family.

Finally, by deciding to change your mode of consumption by opting for organic products, you participate in the well-being of society and the respect of values for all. An important commitment that takes on its full meaning, especially when you have a newborn at home!

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