Accro au vernis - Je ne sais pas quelle couleur choisir

Addicted to varnish - I don't know which color to choose

Addicted to varnish - I don't know which color to choose

Nail polishes have been staples for people who appreciate makeup for many years. Whether you like them discreet with colors like nude or pastel pink or more frank like a bright red or burgundy, they are now available with an organic formula! A non-toxic composition, which allows you to change as many as you want, without damaging your nails. But be careful, to choose the right varnish color, you must follow a few rules, which will prevent you from making a fashion mistake.

What is the message of your varnish?

Not all varnishes are suitable for all situations in your life. Whether for work, holidays or important moments. We can distinguish two main types of colors for nail polishes, those which are rather discreet and those which are visible. These two ranges of nail polish are suitable for different situations and places, which you have to know how to distinguish so as not to make any mistakes. Here are our tips: 

Discreet varnish colors

Varnishes with discreet colors such as beige, pink, cream or even French manicure are perfect for professional situations such as job interviews, meetings or seminars. These colors are also suitable for more solemn moments, a wedding, an official presentation or even a funeral. With natural colors, you can't go wrong.

In England, women of the royal family are not allowed to wear nail polish that is too visible. They usually wear slightly pinkish or beige colored nails.

Finally, these natural and discreet colors are easy to match with all outfits and you can keep them longer than eccentric colors.

If you have any doubts about a varnish color, it is best to stay on neutral and inconspicuous colors such as nude, beige or pastel pink.

Dark varnish colors

Dark polish colors are often worn in winter when it is cold. They can match the color of a coat, a bag or a pair of shoes. At this time of year, we see a lot of people wearing varnish colors such as burgundy, raspberry, black or even navy blue.

Black is a varnish color that is a little different, it is often worn by young girls and boys during adolescence, as a sign of marginalization or rebellion.

We also find dark varnishes in the Gothic environment, the reference colors of which are black and red.

But dark colors can also be worn elegantly by pairing them with jewelry, for example. If you have a ring with a ruby, you can completely match it with the color of your nails. This also applies to earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Bright varnish colors

Bright colors are generally reserved for the holidays and more particularly in the summer. You can then match your nail polish to your swimsuit or makeup. For example, if you have a pink swimsuit, you can match it with a pink color varnish, lighter or darker. This little touch will give you a sophisticated style without overdoing it.

You can also use a bright color to highlight your hands and makeup. For example, you can combine a black look and a bright red polish for a chic and modern style.

Pop nail polish colors

Teenage girls love it, pop colors are very popular for parties and evenings. It is even possible to find fluorescent varnishes at night or even metallic colors or patterns to draw, which nail art offers. These polish colors and styles are clearly synonymous with festivities and are easy to adapt to casual outfits. The kind of color that should not be worn on the day of a job interview!

French manicure 

The French manicure is clearly apart in terms of varnish colors. On the one hand because it is an association of colors and not a color, on the other hand because this manicure adapts to all outfits and all moments of life. If you don't want to make any fashion mistakes, the French manicure is the solution to all your questions. Whether with your friends, family or in the professional environment, the French manicure is accepted everywhere.

It is also perceived as a luxury brand in some countries because it requires more time and polish than applying a traditional polish color.

Clear varnish

This varnish has come back in force in recent years. The transparency gives a very natural style to the nails. On the other hand, it requires having perfectly maintained hands and impeccable nails. Just like the French manicure, the transparent varnish promises a natural style and avoids a possible error of taste.

nail art

Nail art is a makeup trend that has invaded the web in recent years. It is mainly about drawing on the nails. This trend has been adopted by the biggest luxury brands in the world. It ranges from a small detail like dots on the nails to more sophisticated styles like adding sequins, letters, beads or tassels and other various shapes.

This trend comes from Japan, where it has been used for many years and offered in all beauty salons in the country. There are even nail art contests.

Some compositions for nails are so impressive and original that the name given to this trend is nail art, referring directly to Nail Art.

The advantages of organic varnishes

We have just discovered the colors and how to choose them according to your schedule and the place where you are. But we also have to talk about these new organic nail polishes, which are making a growing place on the nail polish market. Like Born To Bio brand varnishes, which have a composition with 85% ingredients of natural origin. These new varnishes are more and more widespread and offer colors as beautiful as non-organic varnishes. You will find classic nail polish colors such as nude, pink, burgundy, red, etc.

The main advantage of organic varnishes is that they do not have toxic agents, which offers better health to your nails. For people who have fragile nails, opting for organic varnishes will allow you to keep healthy nails.

Take care of your nails with organic products

To treat your nails with organic products, you can also opt for a natural nail polish remover and a natural 3-in-1 top coat , which will be the last touch to take care of your nails with natural products, without using toxic products.

So go ahead and take care of yourself and your nails with organic nail polishes!

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