Quel produit choisir pour votre routine cheveux ?

Which product to choose for your hair routine?

Finding a good routine adapted to your hair is often a long search. Whether you have straight, curly, frizzy, fine or thick hair, there are hundreds of products suitable for all hair types. So how do you find it? Which product to choose? What care does your hair need? We will enlighten you on your research in this article. Let's find out together which product to choose for your hair routine.

Use certified organic products

Become essential, organic hair products and care are more and more present on the market. These products are highly recommended and you will find them for all hair types.

Be careful, however, to choose well, to favor products and treatments made in France with natural components. The Born To Bio brand is a benchmark in this field and offers natural products suitable for all hair types.

What is the difference between an organic and non-organic product?

Certified organic products are created with natural formulas, devoid of aggressive elements for the hair fiber. They are free of parabens, preservatives, surfactants, sulphates and palm oil, so they are far from disturbing the hair balance.

The right tools for your hair

IF you want to have healthy hair, it is advisable to get the right tools. Here are some recommendations you can add to your hair routine.

For your hairbrush, do not hesitate to opt for a model in natural wood or boar bristles. The best thing is to avoid plastic brushes, which tend to damage the hair, especially when wet.

For curly or wavy hair, it is better to use cold curlers rather than the hair dryer or curling iron. You can also use a microfiber towel, which will dry and deeply moisturize your hair. These towels are available in drugstores, supermarkets, specialized shops and on the internet. Cool drying will make your hair more resistant, but also stronger and you will be able to see it grow without fear of damaging it!

To tie your hair, rather than using a classic elastic, opt for a scrunchie. The fabric will avoid friction and the tensions will be distributed throughout your hair. This will prevent your hair from breaking and you will see it lengthen without damaging it.

Know your hair type

The first question you should ask yourself is: what is your hair type?  There are four different families of hair with different particularities that we will discover in this article.

  • Smooth hair,
  • wavy or curly hair,
  • curly hair,
  • frizzy hair.

Depending on the hair family to which you belong, you must adapt the products and treatments you use for your routine. Whatever your hair type, it is important to remember that too frequent shampoos as well as the use of a hair dryer or straightener will irreversibly damage your hair and they may break more easily. To have healthy hair while taking care of it, it is necessary to promote a natural drying mode and wash it if possible once a week. This routine will strengthen them and make them stronger against external aggressions.

Take care of straight hair

Straight hair often has a fine and fragile nature. For this hair, it is advisable to use products that are not too greasy, such as coconut shampoo and raspberry vinegar from Born To Bio. A perfect shampoo for fine hair, which will soften but also make the hair shine while deeply cleaning it. Straight hair often has the particularity of being dry very quickly. To remedy this, avoid drying with a hair dryer and straightening with a straightener. Instead, favor natural drying with a microfiber towel so that they are well hydrated.

You can also do skincare, the best being to shampoo once a week and apply a hair mask at least once or twice a month. For this, you can use the Shea and Monoï mask, which will deeply hydrate the hair for a full week. If the mask turns out to be too greasy for your hair, you can do a treatment once a month only.

Taking care of your wavy or curly hair

Wavy and curly hair often has a thicker texture than fine hair. Having pretty waves or curls, however, requires special attention. It is advisable to avoid heated appliances and use a microfiber towel for drying. You can also use treatments such as organic shampoos, organic masks or even conditioners, which are highly recommended for hair care.

To obtain beautiful waves or beautiful curls, do not hesitate to make hair masks every two weeks. You can also use cold rollers to gently shape your curls without damaging your hair. It is also possible to form the waves by hand during your drying by taking your hair in your hands while making circular movements.

Take care of your curly hair

Curly hair often has a rather thick, oily nature. For this type of hair, it is recommended to use care adapted to this texture. Very often, people who have curly hair try to straighten or wave it with a flat iron or a hair dryer. These practices are totally discouraged. On the one hand because they will damage your hair, but also because they will never have the desired effect. Curly hair at the slightest contact with a humid environment will regain its true nature. So you're wasting your time trying to change their nature.

It is rather recommended to treat them so that they are as harmonious as possible, which will give you exceptional hair!  To obtain such hair, you can shampoo a week with a conditioner and make a hair mask every two weeks. Your hair will then be resplendent and you will not need to work it more.

Taking care of your frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is often the thickest hair and requires the most care. This type of hair requires at least one shampoo per week with a conditioner and a hair mask every month. To take care of it, it is not recommended to use heating devices and to promote natural drying. You can also use a dry oil to moisturize them regularly and strengthen certain parts such as the small hair in front or behind the neck, which is often thinner and more fragile.

For styling, a comb is more suitable than a brush, the best being to have one in tortoiseshell that you can find in pharmacies, or in natural wood. If you want to tie up your hair, use a scrunchie instead of rubber bands, which can break your hair. The best thing is to leave your hair loose so as not to damage it.

What is a good routine?

As we have just seen in this article, it is important to adapt your routine as well as your hair care according to the nature of your hair. Organic products are strongly recommended because they do not attack the hair with a healthy and natural composition, which promotes the well-being of the hair.

Don't forget that heat is your hair's first enemy and that favoring slow cold drying will solidify your hair. It is also not recommended to wash your hair too often, the best thing is to shampoo and conditioner a week with a hair mask a month.

Finally, use the right tools, brushes adapted to your hair, curlers to shape your curls or even a microfiber towel, which will allow the hair to hydrate well during cold drying. If you want to tie up your hair, the scrunchie will be your best ally, it will protect the fiber of your hair while styling it.

With all our recommendations for your hair routine, you will have healthy, radiant hair that will undoubtedly make people envious!

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