Quel est le meilleur lait nourrissant pour votre peau ?

What is the best nourishing milk for your skin?

With a particularly sunny and hot season, taking care of your skin is essential. The effects of the sun on our skin are mostly harmful and it is important to protect it from dryness. For this, we recommend that you use our body milk: organic shea honey rich body milk. Its nourishing texture will boost your skin and restore its radiance!

What are the benefits of nourishing body milk?

Thinner than a nourishing cream, the nourishing body milk can be used daily in your beauty routine. Nourishing milk is recognized for its positive properties on the skin such as hydration, rapid and non-greasy absorption, restoring suppleness and reducing skin aging.

For which skin is the body milk intended?

Body milks are known to be suitable for different skin types. Oily skin, normal skin or dry skin, you can apply more or less body milk. Certain areas of the body are also to be favored such as the elbow, the knees, the feet. These areas are often more subject to friction and the skin tends to suffer the consequences. Body milks are also suitable for skin with irritation problems. With regular use, you will be able to deeply moisturize the skin of your body.

When to use your nourishing body milk?

It is recommended to use your nourishing milk for the body on clean, dry skin. You can ideally use it after your bath or shower. The pores of the skin are generally wide open when subjected to hot water vapor, which allows better penetration of the body milk and better hydration of your skin.

These products, with a nourishing texture for the body, are perfect for getting through periods such as a heat wave or, on the contrary, a very cold winter. They will protect your skin from the impact of time and soothe it from external aggressions such as pollution or temperature changes. Daily use is suitable to obtain the best protection and to keep your skin well hydrated.

Use a nourishing body milk as a mask

If you wish, you can also use your nourishing milk as a mask. To do this, simply apply several layers of milk to your skin and leave on, without touching it. You can thus leave the nourishing milk for an hour and your skin will be perfectly hydrated. All you have to do is remove the excess nourishing milk to make the most of soft and relaxed skin.

This trick is perfect especially for skin problems such as burns or sunburn as well as skin problems due to friction. You can repeat the operation until your skin is completely healed.

Nourishing body lotion or moisturizer?

If you hesitate between a nourishing body milk and a moisturizer, know that you can combine the two depending on the texture of your skin. The difference between these two products is above all a question of comfort and texture. The moisturizing body cream is oilier and thicker than the nourishing body milk. Absorption through the skin is easier with a nourishing milk for the body. However, for areas of the body such as the hands, feet, elbows or face, it is rather advisable to apply a cream in addition to your nourishing milk. These areas are regularly subjected to friction and external aggressions, which often requires additional hydration.

The nourishingt body milk does not replace a moisturizer, but it protects your whole body, while providing a feeling of comfort and a more supple skin texture. For optimal use, we recommend that you use the nourishing milk and moisturizing cream daily after your shower or bath.

Born to Bio Nourishing Honey and Shea Milk

At Born To Bio, we offer a wide range of products to nourish your skin whatever its texture. Our body milk rich in honey and shea butter is one of our products most appreciated by our customers, for the richness of its texture and the feeling of comfort it offers from the first use. We recommend it mainly for dry and very dry skin. But it is also possible to use it on oily skin in small quantities.

A composition suitable for dry and very dry skin

Its composition of Honey and Shea makes it an ideal body milk for all ages. It perfectly moisturizes your skin by using it daily after washing. Its texture rich in honey and shea is recommended for dry and very dry skin as well as skin irritation, especially when exposed to the sun. With regular application, your skin will regain its suppleness and be protected from irritation and the harmful effects of the sun.

For oily skin, you can use it only on the areas of your body that you want to nourish such as the hollows of wrinkles or the extremities such as the hands, elbows or knees. You can drop a hazelnut of milk and massage your skin so that the milk penetrates well. If there is excess, which does not penetrate the skin, you can wipe it off with a cotton ball.

Who can use a nourishing body lotion?

Like all our organic products, our body milk rich in honey and shea can be used at any age and for all skin types. Its composition also allows it to be used for children. It can also soothe certain ailments of your skin such as persistent irritation, acne-prone skin, sunburn or even impact the aging of your body by putting it on your wrinkles. Our nourishing body milk is perfectly suitable for all ages, whether it's a child, a teenager or a mature person.

Nourishing milk is also a product that is suitable for both men and women. Do not hesitate to use it during acne problems, it helps protect the skin in depth.

You can use our product for your children, but we also have a range dedicated to infants and babies, which will better meet their needs. Thus, we recommend that you turn to this range of products for the skin of toddlers.

A certified organic composition

Our products have the certification Bio Ecocert of the Cosmos Organic standard. Their packaging is also recyclable to respect the environment and the planet. Our Born to Bio brand is particularly keen to highlight its organic and ethical commitments. All our products are 95% of natural origin on the whole product and meet the requirements of the Bio Ecocert label.

What other products does Born To Bio offer to hydrate my skin?

It is quite possible to combine several products to moisturize your skin. In addition to our shea and honey body milk, you can complete your routine with our hand cream rich in shea and honey or our organic blueberry marshmallow milk make-up remover. By combining these different treatments, your skin will be perfectly hydrated every day and you will be able to protect it from the sun and premature ageing.

Born to Bio also offers different ranges of products to take care of your entire body. In our online catalog, you will find nourishing products dedicated to babies, hair, body,faceas well as a line of make-up and aromatherapy. All our products are certified organic and meet environmental ethics for responsible consumption and the well-being of our planet.

Your skin deserves the best!

Between work, children, home and a daily life that goes by at breakneck speed, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Without realizing it, our body is no longer as supple or as soft to the touch as it once was. Not to mention the wrinkles that can appear and sometimes even skin problems. This is the time to remedy this because these effects will not disappear on their own and may in the future be impossible to erase. Take the lead in taking care of yourself and your body! Discover our ranges of organic care and beauty products, respectful of the environment which will bring you a feeling of well-being in your everyday life. Treat yourself to the comfort of having hydrated skin, healthy hair and the luxury of makeup that does not attack you!

Taking care of your body also means feeling better, so go ahead and find the product your body needs!

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