L’automne arrive … Quelles huiles essentielles choisir ?

Autumn is coming… Which essential oils to choose?

Essential oils have been used for many years for their different virtues. Whether it's for small everyday ailments or to help treat long-term symptoms, essential oils are known as aromatherapy. Autumn is a relatively difficult season for our body, which must adapt to new temperatures and a gradual drop in light. This is the perfect time to use the benefits of aromatherapy and certain essential oils that we will discover in this article.

Essential oils and their health benefits

To gently start the arrival of autumn, several essential oils can bring you their benefits. Ravintsara essential oil, Atlas Cedar essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil and Eucalyptus radiata, which you can find in the aromatherapy section of the Born To Bio website . These organic essential oils are particularly suitable for the arrival of autumn and the change of seasons as well as the various ailments of this time of year. Here are the properties and virtues they offer: 

Ravintsara essential oil has been recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties for several centuries. It comes from a tree of the same name, which is found in Asia but also in Madagascar. Ravintsara essential oil is often used to treat colds, and ailments associated with the onset of winter such as bronchitis, nasopharyngitis or even ear infections. This essential oil helps strengthen the body and is particularly suitable for people with sensitive sinuses.

To treat ailments such as a cold or sinusitis, it is enough to use it in the form of inhalation. You can put a few drops in a bowl of hot water and place yourself over it with a towel so that the steam comes up to your face.

For a very fast action, it is recommended to use Ravintsara essential oil directly on the skin with a few drops that you massage on your back or chest. This action will facilitate breathing quickly.

Finally, you can drink Ravintsara essential oil with an average consumption of one drop per day. It is also possible to mix it with your drink, such as tea, herbal tea or verbena.

Atlas Cedar essential oil is mainly used for its purifying and invigorating properties. It comes from the tree whose name it bears and is obtained by distillation of the wood. It gives a boost to the body to boost it while maintaining a feeling of calm. Atlas Cedar has active ingredients such as proteins and tannin, which promote healing and Atlas Cedar essential oil can be directly applied to the skin by massaging it.

It is often used in cures against hair loss. It must then be mixed with a shampoo or mask. Unlike other essential oils, this Atlas Cedar oil should not be applied in concentrate to the skin. Its use is only done by mixing it with another texture. It can, for example, be mixed with a vegetable oil for cutaneous use.

This essential oil is perfectly suited to people who suffer from the spleen of autumn or who are very sensitive to temperature changes.

Less known than the previous essential oils, Tea Tree Oil is used mainly to treat acne and skin problems related to temperature changes. This oil is also known as tea tree oil or melaleuca oil. It has the property of being antiseptic, it is recommended to treat fungal infections.

It can be used to treat people whose skin is dry or very dry. It helps to avoid injuries related to drying out as well as sun burns. For this, it must be diluted with vegetable oil for application to the skin by massaging.

It is also possible to use this oil for sore throats, orally by mixing it with honey. Just put 2-3 drops in a spoonful of honey several times a day until the pain subsides. This essential oil can also be in prevention if you feel symptoms coming.

This essential oil is very suitable for the elderly whose skin is particularly fragile.

Eucalyptus oil, derived from the tree called Eucalyptus, has many properties to treat and soothe ailments that concern breathing and more specifically the nose and the respiratory tract. From a tree that bears the same name, Eucalyptus radiata oil is traditionally used in syrups for its intense fragrance and cleansing properties. It is possible to use this essential oil in different ways, in massage, in a drink or in inhalation, depending on the result you want to obtain.

Eucalyptus radiata essential oil can be used to treat many pains such as joint and muscle pain. It is used by athletes and people who have experienced sports-related injuries to maintain the body.

For indoor or outdoor use, this essential oil has the property of repelling insects. Outdoors, you can put drops of Eucalyptus radiata in a candle and let the essential oil dilute in the heat of the air to keep insects away. For indoor use, you can use a diffuser in a specific room of your home or, on the contrary, in a central room for diffusion throughout the house.

How are Born To Bio brand essential oils made?

All the essential oils of the Born To Bio brand are obtained by vegetable steam distillation. They have no withdrawals or additions and are certified Organic Farming. Born To Bio offers them in the form of a 10ML bottle whose packaging is recyclable and manufactured in Vichy. Born To Bio is a French brand committed to ethical and sustainable consumption, which offers different ranges of organic products such as body, hair, face care, a range for babies and an aromatherapy range.

How to use essential oils ?

Not all essential oils are used the same way. For some, it is preferable to consume them, for others to apply them to the skin or to put them in a diffuser for an action in your home. Here are some tips for using your essential oils properly and taking care of yourself.

Apply an essential oil directly to the skin

For a quick and targeted action, you can apply the essential oil directly to the skin on specific areas such as the chest, wrist, neck or joints and muscles. You can mix it with a fatty substance such as a moisturizer or a moisturizing balm. It is then sufficient to massage the skin with the appropriate essential oil for the impregnation to be quick and effective.

Use essential oils with a diffuser

If you use essential oils for your interior, you can use a diffuser. This will allow you to spread the action of your essential oils in a particular room or throughout your house depending on its location. Born To Bio offers a wide range of diffusers. You can find classic wooden models as well as more sophisticated and refined models such as the tulip flower wooden diffuser stick. A very popular model, which fits perfectly into both traditional and modern interiors.

Essential oil sprays

Essential oil-based sprays allow you a fast and effective action. They are not harmful to the environment and you can easily take them with you when traveling or traveling. You can spray the place you are two to three times to feel the positive effects. Sprays are also recommended to prevent insect bites.

Prevention is better than cure !

If we have chosen to talk to you about our essential oils today, it is to help you better get through this season of autumn and the various ailments it brings with it. Essential oils will allow you to prevent certain viruses and other bacteria and will allow you to avoid diseases. They have a preventive effect and will protect you.

Don't hesitate any longer, take care of yourself and find the essential oils your body needs in our Born To Bio catalogue!

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